Use your own lifeforce to attack enemies - and heal allies
in a real-time strategy adventure like no other!

Explore the underwater world of Underflow as you build your own biomechanical army by capturing enemy nanobots and recruit them to your side.

When alien software uploads your consciousness into a biomechanical host on a distant aquatic planet, you find yourself thrown into a world where hostile nanobots threaten to exterminate you and every nanobot loyal to your cause. But as the metabot, you can not only transform into any form you can copy from the enemy, you can steal hostile nanobots and make them into your own allies! Begin a real-time strategy adventure like no other as you capture, explore, and transform this underwater realm into your own dominion.

Key features

  • Ammunition is Life: Take your life literally into your hands as you channel your own energy into your weapons to attack.
  • Nothing is Destroyed! Repair and capture destroyed enemy units and send powerful squads to assault their bases.
  • Explore an Alien World: Search the dark and forgotten corners of a fallen culture in an underwater alien world overflowing with strange corals and mysterious ruins.
  • You Control the Outcome: The end of the story depends upon which of the strange artificial lifeforms you ally with… and the price you’re willing to pay to achieve their goals