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Grindstone is a boutique videogame production and publishing company with strong background in game development based in Slovakia. It was founded in 2017 by game industry veteran – Peter Nagy as an outcome of company activities with the community of game developers to create new opportunities and support game developers in delivering creatively and commercially viable games that can compete on global markets.

Our vision and values

„We believe there’s more in the game than „just“ building a commercially successful business model. We see ourselves on a journey towards creating a diverse ecosystem of game development studios, education startups, events and media companies all unified around gaming – for the community, for the players. We have started in Slovakia, however, our aspirations reach beyond local markets and geographies. We know it will take time and effort, but we are ready to dream big, act brave, try hard and play fair.“

Our team

Peter Nagy
  • founder
  • game industry veteran
  • 20+ premium games released
  • speaker, consultant, entrepreneur
  • medicinae universae doctor – just in case
Matej Hudak
  • director of photography & editor
  • experience in media production for gaming industry
  • competitive gamer and e-sports fan
  • tech enthusiast and reviewer
Mark Allen
  • PR & communications
  • over 24 years of gaming industry PR experience
  • PR strategy, activation and media relations expert
  • lifelong gamer
  • ex-pro cyclist
Martin Minárik
  • Marketing executive
  • Graphic design and performance marketing background
  • bird enthusiast
  • ex-bartender

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Grindstone s.r.o.

Pekná 13

040 01 Košice, Slovakia


+421 905 397 017



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