What We Do

Turning passion for games into business


We love games – and talented enthusiasts creating them.

Building on our game developer’s experience we know, what game developers have to face.

We’re here to build up opportunities for them and support them in any area they might need – from funding a promising project idea, through resources sharing or production guidance to go-to-market execution – all this in order to improve their chances to succeed in today’s harsh competition.

Modus operandi


  • market opportunities monitoring
  • talent identification
  • business development


  • production guidance
  • support and resource sharing
  • production control


  • market research
  • communication strategy
  • PR & marketing
  • community management

You’re in a good company


What others say about us

„Thanks to Grindstone, we’ve been able to avoid many pitfalls of startups. We’ve also gained access to connections, technology and resources we just wouldn’t have on our own and thanks to that were able to survive the hardest part of company’s lifecycle – our start.“

Peter Adamondy

CEO (Triple Hill Interactive, SK)

„…the most kick-ass dev teams and long history make Grindstone a partner, that is not only reliable, but always a step ahead…“

Mikael Haveri

Head of Publishing (Housemarque, FI)

„A unique agile publishing group, Grindstone finds opportunities that bigger companies overlook, supports their developers to improve and complete their projects, and brings these finely-sharpened titles out to gamers worldwide. With an ever-growing portfolio of unique and impressive games, this is a publisher whose star is rising rapidly.“

Chris Bateman

Chief consultant (iHobo, GB)