The Badass From Hell

Use absurd transformations to defeat demonic hordes, challenge random bosses in random levels, equip powerful guns, loot valuable treasures, and basically murderize a shockingly large number of demons.

The Gates of Hell opens and humanity is in danger! No, it’s nothing to do with a certain game spelled ‘MOOD’ backwards, how dare you even think that! This game isn’t some run-of-the-mill first person shooter, it’s got hideous demons, and powerful guns, and blood splatter and… Wait a minute, let’s start that again.

You have been granted immortality! Well, what’s left of you has. There wasn’t much left of you after the demons ate you. If you’re going to get your body back, you’re going to have to kill some demons… actually, rather a lot of demons. Really, we may be talking demonocide here… Frankly we expect angry letters from demon pressure groups asking us to explain why you can murderize so many of them in this game without any moral qualms whatsoever. But you’re up for that, right?


“Despite a relatively standard roguelike dungeon crawler framework, Hellmut’s mutation swapping madness gives this twin-stick shooter a breath of originality and satisfying destruction that separates it from the competition.”
80% – Cultured Vultures

“This is a style of game that many developers attempt and hardly ever get right. But Hellmut: The Badass From hell succeeds where so many fail by offering adrenaline-pumping action, skin-tight controls, beautiful pixel graphics and a variety of weapons, mutations and enemies.” – Indiewatch

“Rogue-like done right. The retro pixel graphics are a perfect fit for a game like this, combined with some special humor and chaotic gameplay and you got yourself the perfect combo for a game.”
4/5 – Onrpg