Relaxing nature builder

Preserve is a relaxing puzzle nature-building game in which you flourish a vibrant ecosystem by cleverly placing plants and animals to create a perfect symbiosis to your liking.
Embark on a serene journey with Preserve, a cozy, relaxing nature-builder. Immerse yourself in the world of nature-building puzzles, where you wield the power to cultivate a harmonious ecosystem. Strategically place a variety of plants and animals to create your own cozy world, fostering symbiotic relationships that bring your virtual landscape to life. With its soothing ambiance and engaging challenges, Preserve invites you to unwind, create, and nurture a vibrant haven tailored to your vision. Embrace the art of relaxation in this unique puzzle adventure where every placement counts, and tranquility thrives. Welcome to a sanctuary of balance and beauty—welcome to „Preserve.“
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